Our Value

Distinguishing Qualifications:  What makes the Meehan Group different?

• Our Methods and Experience

We are pioneers in the field of move management; there is no other firm strictly managing moves that has been in business longer than we have. As a result, our teams offer unparalleled experience in orchestrating major relocation projects. Over the last two decades, we have managed more projects than any other competitive firm, particularly with regard to major projects exceeding 500,000 square feet. Each year, we collectively manage moves of over 40,000 employees on a national basis.

• Guaranteed Annual Savings and Lower Rates

Due to the sheer volume of vendor contracts under our purview, we are capable of negotiating move services better than any of our competitors. Our company implements a mover rotation system in our full-time accounts and also contracts services on a project-by-project basis. This procedure is designed not only to save our clients money, but also assures top quality service all the time. As a result of this procedure, our company leverages this experience when negotiating and regularly obtains the lowest feasible rates in the industry. Moving companies are willing to discount their rates in an effort to secure more opportunities to work with our firm.

• Our Ethical Promise

Our company operates under a strict policy of transparency and objectivity in an effort to serve in our clients’ best interest. All of our actions, policies, and procedures adhere to an ethical code that is predicated on our clients’ genuine needs and ultimate satisfaction. We understand the scope of our job, and all of our activities, to be focused on implementing the most time-efficient and cost-effective transitions for our clients and their staff.

• 100% Vendor Neutral

As an independent consulting firm, we strictly avoid any affiliations with or ownership in any related service vendor or product. We never mark-up mover rates, nor do we receive undisclosed revenue from service providers or vendors. Furthermore, neither our company nor our people offer any other moving related services or products that might present a conflict of interest. Our commitment to being truly vendor neutral has been a core tenant of our organization and serves as a direct correlation to our sterling reputation.

• Our Proprietary Move Management Technology

We developed and implement our own proprietary software – Meehan Relocation Management System Software™ – to greatly diminish the administrative time typically devoted to budgeting, tracking, reporting, and invoicing activities. Our software makes organizing projects easier, and results in a direct cost-savings for our clients.  We've also developed a unique online post-move ticketing system for individual projects to allow for our management teams to track punch list items and respond to requests faster than ever before.

• Our Sterling Reputation

Our company has never been removed from a project, sued, or investigated by a government or state agency. In addition, we have never gone unpaid for services rendered to a client. We’ve grown to become the leading move management company in the nation by adhering to our core philosophy of treating every client as an ally in our growth.

• Our Staff

Our team members are the most qualified and personable professionals in the industry. We employ over 55 full-time project managers that come from diverse moving or facility management backgrounds and are trained to implement the firm’s sophisticated move management methods.