Move Management Services

Our expertise can be applied short-term (on individual projects) or full-time (in an outsourced capacity). 

1. Project Management

The Special Projects Division at the Meehan Group is responsible for engaging in single events or multiphased relocation projects that typically consist of moving less than 1,200 people. Our project management teams offer comprehensive coordination services to support the relocation of people, contents, furniture, and technology.  We operate as the primary liaison between our clients and third-party vendors to ensure that all business needs are effectively communicated and all goals are accomplished in a cost-effective and professional manner. 

General Project Management Approach:

  1. Project Assessment: survey, schedule, budget, and plan.
  2. Vendor Selection: specify, qualify, publish RFP, bid process, and contract negotiation.
  3. Communications: project website, meetings, newsletters, and purge/archive campaign.
  4. Pre-move Planning: coordinate logistics, interface with employees, and tagging process.
  5. Main Move Implementation: execute move strategy, direct and supervise movers.
  6. Post-move Management: establish help-desk, unpacking, and audit mover invoices.
  7. Liquidation and Decommissioning: furniture removal, donation, or repurposing.

Case Study: Newsweek Magazine (May 2009)

The Facilities Director at Newsweek Magazine contacted our company to manage the relocation of approximately 500 employees from midtown to downtown Manhattan. This 160,000 square foot project required several months of coordinating to ensure that all libraries, files, and departments were relocated to their proper destinations. Our team held move committee meetings to meet with each move captain to determine their specific needs and fulfill their requests. Additionally, our team implemented a unique communications program tailored specifically to the Newsweek culture that included distributing move newsletters and a welcome package. Our staff took weekly construction progress photos, published them on client intranet, and sent email blasts with a link to all employees. Most importantly, we successfully negotiated the vendor contract to only $83K ($0.52 per square foot – $166.00 per person).

Project Director: John Avrutis
Senior Project Manager: Ryan Meehan

Case Study: Rockefeller Group Business Centers (October 2011)

Rockefeller Group Business Centers (RGBC) subleases office space to individual businesses; when they decided to renovate two floors at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, they contracted the Meehan Group to provide move management services to their clients. The project consisted of relocating 41 different businesses (approximately 130 people), from a total of individual 72 offices, to four swing spaces (six floors) within Rockefeller Plaza. Items that moved included all office furniture, office contents, file cabinets and contents, select artwork, desktop technology and servers, conference room furniture, service/supply center, and some pantry appliances. The move took place over one weekend, from October 14-17, 2011. The buildings affected included:

From Location:
45 Rockefeller Plaza: Approximately 72 Offices from Floors 20 and 21

To Locations:
1 Rockefeller Plaza: Approximately 35 Offices to Floors 23 and 25
600 5th Avenue: Approximately 11 Offices to Floor 12
1270 Avenue of the Americas: Approximately 12 Offices to Floors 6 and 18
10 Rockefeller Plaza: Approximately 4 Offices to Floor 9

This project was notably different than a typical office move because of the nature of RGBC's business. Although we were working for RGBC, we were interfacing with 41 different companies – each with their own needs and concerns regarding their personal furniture/artwork and technology requirements. We were responsible for all space planning at the direction of each client in addition to outfitting vacant offices with furniture for RGBC. Accordingly, our team produced office configuration drawings for every location and developed a tagging strategy to ensure that all furniture was placed properly within each office. Challenges also included time constraints imposed by the renovation schedule and the logistical considerations associated with the loading dock at Rockefeller Center. Thorough strategic planning and a controlled implementation of the move plan contributed to making this project a complete success.

Project Director: Ryan Meehan
Project Managers: Mark Peters, Karen Rola, and Jeffrey Cox

2. Outsourced MAC Management

Outsourcing our staff to maintain daily move operations is recommended for large corporations experiencing over 5,000 people moves each year.  We establish a team on site to process every request, across all business units, in an effort to create a centralized Move/Add/Change (MAC) solution locally or nationwide. Core move management tasks apply to daily churn, restacks, vacates, consolidations, and major project activity. We also offer furniture management services that apply to warehouse storage, liquidations, office reconfigurations, furniture procurement, and maintenance, in addition to facility management services that apply to scheduling resources such as security guards, carpenters, electricians, engineers, locksmiths, signage installers, and cleaning crews.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Serve as primary resource responsible for coordinating and planning all MAC related activities. Act as primary liaison with client Business Units to ensure MAC project schedules are fully understood, communicated, and aligned with critical business needs. 
  • Collaborate with Business Unit representatives as required to determine the specific needs of a project, assess options, determine the probable costs related to proposed alternatives, and facilitate the review and approval of project plans and budgets.
  • Retain all required services through a competitive bid process consistent with client procurement guidelines. Develop and distribute to all vendors the Scope of Work documents required to complete the physical relocation of employee materials such as boxes, files, technology, special equipment, etc.
  • Coordinate services to include all aspects of the relocation (e.g. IT, Carpentry, Cleaning, Locksmith, Signage, Freight Elevators, Security, HVAC, etc.)
  • Provide the project management resources necessary to effectively oversee all MAC project activities.  Ensure assigned project managers have the appropriate skills and training to manage large restacking projects and minor construction projects. Maintain an on-site move administration (e.g., move labor supervision/direction) presence during moves to ensure smooth, responsive and successful move implementation.
  • Ensure all final space allocation and occupancy data is accurately updated within the client space management system and all chargeback requirements associated with space management are satisfied.
  • Capture and report all activities, cost metrics, and historical data (e.g. number of people moved, from/to locations, dates, business groups moved, total move costs (labor and materials expended as applied to industry standard metrics) by project).

Three Key Benefits:
1.    Hiring a consultant comes at a lower annual cost than employing a team internally.
2.    Our firm presents vendors with the incentive of more potential future business opportunities, so our clients experience lower rates and the highest quality of service.
3.    When they’re not tied up in daily move management, facility managers can maintain productivity, enabling them to accomplish critical tasks on deadline.

Move Management Services

Move Management Services

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The Meehan Group met or exceeded all the project deliverables in a professional as well as pleasant manner and I would highly recommend their skills and competencies for all future work.

Peter Banos
Baxter Healthcare Corporation