Case Studies - Citi




The Meehan Group completed a project on July 16, 2011 in Sioux Falls, SD that involved the concurrent removal and delivery of over 8,000 task and side chairs. We coordinated all logistics involved with removing and repurposing everything. Project management was lead by Ryan Meehan, who was on-site throughout the entire operation. Mr. Meehan was responsible for subcontracting the liquidator, negotiating the furniture donation contract, supervising the physical chair removal process, and scheduling daily manpower and trucking requirements.

Mr. Meehan reached out to a local charity, The Furniture Mission, to coordinate the successful appropriation of funds obtained through auctioning the product removed throughout the project. The Meehan Group worked with Business Interiors by Staples, who delivered all of the new chairs to employee desk and office locations.

The Goal:

    Complete the task as smoothly as possible, without disrupting employee productivity.
    Repurpose all old chairs in an environmentally ethical manner to include donation to local charities, ensuring that none end up in a landfill.


The Challenges:

    Citi staff at the three Sioux Falls facilities operate on a 24-hour, 7-day a week schedule, processing phone calls from around the country in a customer service capacity.
    The old chairs were over 10 years old, fully depreciated from their original value, and in very poor condition.
    Dispatching trailers to various parts of the country and sorting the specific product onto each load to ensure both logistical and cost efficiency.


The Achievements:

All of the old chairs were sold through a liquidator, donated to charity, or given to employees – none of the chairs were sent to a landfill or were recycled.

    651 chairs were given to employees
    700 chairs were sold for refurbishing
    3,114 chairs were sold to a third-party


A combination of items were donated to the Furniture Mission:

    408 chairs
    122 tables (of various sizes)
    176 storage units (file cabinets, bookcases, etc.)
    12 miscellaneous items (lamps, desks, coffee tables, etc.)